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About Us

Moringa is for Life is a family-owned and operated endeavor. It grew out of our personal experiences with the powerful health and wellness benefits of Moringa-Oleifera. We want people to be impacted by this extraordinary tree as we were and continue to be. We decided to grow, harvest, process and distribute our own moringa so that we could easily and affordably provide moringa products to our family and friends. As you can see, things have expanded since them. Our mission is the same. Only our reach is changing! Read about our team below and browse our entire website to learn more about moringa – the miracle tree!

Meet Kimberley Pearson

kim-headshotKimberley, the impetus behind Moringa Is For Life, had long lived with the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome, the Epstein-Barr virus and more recently, severe sinus infections. While searching for a natural remedy as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, she heard about the moringa tree while on a tour at ECHO, an agricultural humanitarian organization based in Southwest Florida. ECHO gave her some seeds and her very first tree still grows strong today – right in her front yard. In 2005 Kim planted that tree and has been harvesting and processing her own moringa products for personal use. Since then her health dramatically improved – almost miraculously. The health and wellness benefits of moringa even impressed her long time physican and general practitioner who year and year became more and more impressed with her blood work and other results from her annual physicals. Kimberley became sort of a moringa evangelist – sharing with friends and family the powerful effects of this natural plant. Her dream was to share moringa with others and eventually Moringa Is For Life sprouted! It’s not just a labor of love. It’s part of a life-changing experience. When she’s not getting her hands dirty in the garden, she spends her time thinking and planning on how moringa can impact the less fortunate; those who may not have the resources to eat nutritious foods. Kim is currently working on a project to help missionary friends in Myanmar (Burma) grow, harvest, and process moringa. You can email her at

Meet Phillip Barrera

phil-headshotPhillip is married to Kimberley and was well aware of his wife’s struggles with health and wellness. Traditional medicine never really delivered relief from her various symptoms. Moringa, however, not only curbed her symptoms; it improved her health. Skeptical by nature, Phillip just watched. And watched some more. He finally became a believer in moringa when Kim’s doctor insisted he had to know what Kim was “taking”. Phillip helps out occasionally with harvesting and processing. He mainly designs and maintains the Moringa Is For Life website. An Apple Mac fanatic, he usually spends his free time in front of his iMac. Phillip and Kimberley enjoy bike rides where they can enjoy plenty of Southwest Florida wildlife along the way.

Meet their son, Gordon

gordon-headhsotGordon (Kimberley’s son) has longed been interested in natural remedies, growing fruits/vegetables, and alternatives to traditional medicine. It was natural for him to get involved in his mom’s moringa project. Currently he helps out with the harvesting and processing of the moringa leaves and stems. He also tells people about the miraculous effects of moringa whenever he gets the chance. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Jen; playing the guitar; painting; and horsing around with his two pitbulls.

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