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Kim Pearson’s Testimonial

kim-headshotI have had chronic fatigue syndrome and was diagnosed with the Epstein-Barr virus for most of my adult life. I had not been able to get through a year without getting pneumonia at least once a year and bronchitis 2-3 times a year requiring antibiotics and missed days of work. Exercising and working out was always risky because I was generally already weakened from my chronic fatigue condition. I usually got strep throat or a bad cold so could not continue to work out regularly as I knew I should.

Since 2006 I have been eating moringa and have rarely had a cold and have not been to the doctor for any cold or flu or symptoms or respiratory disease as I did in the past regularly. I have stopped taking all my sinus medicine and stopped using my inhaler for adult onset of asthma. I have been working out almost daily and have even lost 40 pounds. I could have never had the kind of stamina I now have without moringa. It’s definitely given me the biggest energy boost I have ever had. I’ve heard it said moringa is a natural immunity-builder. My experience confirms this very strongly.

Everyone thinks that I look younger and I feel so good. It’s hard to explain but it is like feeling good from the inside out. I moved to Florida back in 2001 and had experienced breathing problems with the humidity and high mold content in the environment. Moringa made an impact with this as well – I no longer have to take the allergy medicine that I seemed to be dependent on a daily basis.

In addition, my skin in so soft; I don’t have rough and dry feet anymore and any sore I get heals very fast when I apply moringa oil to it. I burned my arm on the grill once and moringa oil helped me heal within days. If I hurt myself or pull a muscle or start to feel like I am getting a cold, I double up on my moringa dose of 2 tablespoons of powder a day and the symptoms disappear.

Moringa is an amazing miracle food. I recommend it to everyone I know. Try it and you see what I mean!

God bless you.
Kimberley Pearson

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